Don’t underestimate the value of professional logo design

A good logo is integral to your business, as it is a representation of your brand and company.

For a logo to be effective it needs to simple, memorable and unique.

A logo will define your brand and reflect your corporate colours and style. A cheap ‘clipart style’ logo which several people are already using will not allow you to achieve this.

A professional logo will set your company apart from the crowd and competition. If your logo is memorable and unique your brand will shine.

It’s likely that your logo will be used in a number of different formats: signage, websites, stationary, advertising and promotional material, so it needs to be scalable.

What makes a good logo?

  • Longevity – A logo needs to represent your company for years to come without looking outdated
  • Scalability – A logo should be scalable. It needs to look great on something as small as business card and something as big as a large advertising banner. A logo needs to be professionally designed in a vector format so that it can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality
  • Relevance – A logo must be appropraite for it’s intended audience. Using a ‘child like’ font might be appropriate for a children’s toy store, but no so great for a solicitors firm.

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